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a place where you can touch art
and where art is touching you

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Nowolipki 27
01-010 Warszawa

The main gallery space with curated exhibitions only.
The place where the art has its time and space to manifest itself  in its own rhythm and various aspects of being.
Laboratory of ideas and meaning.


Koszykowa 82b
02-008 Warszawa

Creative space.
A place with a touch of history: an authentic former military casino with a preserved interior design.
A polyphonic, diverse art space to be shared with the public for various exhibitions, events, meetings and performances.

Old Town Space

Mostowa 23/25/2
00-260 Warszawa

Our gallery space which became too small for our big ideas and was transformed to the intimate art space for rent for private events. Due to its location in the heart of Warsaw's old town, it functions mainly as an art apartment for tourists becoming the place where people meet art in everyday life, which aligns with our idea of liberating art from galleries and museums.

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Our Current Exhibitions

Józef Krzysztof Oraczewski

This time, Józef Krzysztof Oraczewski's exhibition is unambiguous. 

Without metaphors, abstractions, ambiguous references. Black is black: bottomlessly deep and deeply filled with itself. In all pixels and saturation. Like ink that stains irretrievably and writes something in black and white. Like a film of transparent, unexpressed, yet clearly present facts and emotions. 

There is no room for the fog of inquiry, the veil of silence, the sweeping of uncomfortable feelings under the rug. 

There are no mental painkillers, shallow ideas, understatements and presumptions as to what the artist had in mind. 

There is no other message than the one that is. Whipping is whipping. And there is indescribable pain in scourging, suffering concentrated beyond the norm, exceeding the limits of endurance. 

There is a scream saturated with a silent sound swelling in whispers, helplessness, a sense of hopelessness. 

Whipping is a fact that cannot be escaped, turned a blind eye, pushed to the background, replaced with mental gibberish or sublime abstraction. The exhibition is like a whip on wounded skin. The pain is real. Acute. Dense. Suffering is real, unsweetened by illusions or false hope. Darkness and hell exist; they are not a surreal vision from the land of fantasy, a tool of fear or manipulation. Humiliation humiliates. Emptiness, helplessness enslave; they have no chance of escaping. Fear of death paralyses. Death is unequivocal, total, without theatrical props and masques.

There is also a cross. It is not accidental, but built on purpose, by human hands. And although the cross shows that suffering, still total and inevitable, can be the gate of victory, hell will be followed by resurrection, night will be followed by a day, but the scourging is now. It appears at the least expected moment, against something, in disharmony with plans and expectations. Like this exhibition, deliberately organised during pre-Christmas preparations. Because suffering cannot be postponed or canceled. Whipping is not just an empty word. For the essence of the scourging is the scourged. Yes. Whipping is lashed people. They are whipped. They are here and now. They are us. 

Monika Turczyńska 

Cutting Off Space-Time